Virginia-based portrait photographer who values

authenticity, belonging, intentionality, + joy.

I was the girl who spread herself so thin and forgot how to enjoy the moment, as I was eagerly wishing for the next season to come.  I want powerhouses like me to learn how to rest & be still. I hope our time together will be freeze time in the current season you’re in, and you’ll look back  at how far you’ve come since then. 
For the senior on this page, I see myself in you. I serve that senior whose dreams feel a lil too big, but dares to pursue them anyway. For the girl looking for someone to document her love story, I would love to be your encouraging voice in this journey. I was the girl who was changed by encouraging words to discover & pursue my gifts and I want to be that same voice for you. Oh, and I’ll have a camera in my hand while I’m doing so.

I want young women & their significant others to feel like they are the main characters of their own romantic comedy. The couples who love well & aren’t afraid to laugh too loud. 

for sweethearts

for seniors

I serve

✓ the driven
✓ the intentional
✓ the authentic
✓ the joyful
✓ the faithful
✓ the audacious.

If you resonate with these values, then I think we’re the perfect match.

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✓ being called auntie, daughter, & friend
✓ chasing sunrises & sunsets
✓ cultivating a space of community & belonging
✓ the stillness of the morning
✓ Bleeding purple & gold! Go Dukes!

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joyfully photographing sweethearts and seniors since 2013

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